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Application Status Definitions

WebAdvisor Status Definitions

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WebAdvisor Status Definitions

Your WebAdvisor account will use terminology to indicate the status of your application and documents. Below is a glossary of terms to help.

You’ve been admitted! An offer of admission letter explaining next steps is on its way to you.

Admitted Conditionally
You’ve been admitted, but there are conditions you need to meet. Conditions and the deadline date that you need to meet them by will be outlined in your offer of admission letter. Usually, conditions are to maintain a certain average or to submit final transcripts from in-progress courses once they are completed.

Application Received
Your application has been received but isn’t complete quite yet. Check the Documents section of your WebAdvisor account to see which document requests are outstanding.

Decision on Higher Choice
Admission Services is assessing your file for your higher ranked program choice.

English Proficiency Required
Waiting on documentation/test results to fulfill English language requirement.

File Forward for Decision
Documents and transcripts required for preliminary review of your application have been received, and your file has been forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review. Additional information may be requested.

Further Information Required
Admission Services requires additional information to consider your application. They might need additional documents, transcripts, forms, or a personal support letter. Check the Documents section of your WebAdvisor account to see what information has been requested.

Moved to Student
You accepted your offer. You are now considered a student at the University of Guelph-Humber.

Refused (Requirements)/Currently Not Admissible
We are not able to offer you admission because you are not currently meeting the minimum admission requirements.

Refused Late Documents
We are not able to offer you admission because your documents were received after the document deadline.