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Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies

Make friends, build skills and network as you enrich your university experience.

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If you’re interested in an extracurricular experience that connects directly to your academic program, consider joining one of our societies. Whether it’s psychology, early childhood studies, or business, we’ve got the society for you!


ACE UofGH (formerly known as DECA UGH) is a chapter of ACE Canada, an international organization that enables students to compete, engage in networking activities and gain valuable skills. Through conferences and business simulations, ACE prepares students for future business situations.

Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice Honour Society)

Alpha Phi Sigma is an international honour society that promotes academic excellence, community service, educational leadership, and unity.  

CSS Society

CSS Society allows UofGH CSS students to interact with each other, the community, and the social work field. It gives CSS students the channel to share and express their passion about current issues relevant to the social work field.  

Early Childhood Studies (ECS) Society

ECS Society provides UofGH early childhood students with opportunities to get involved through interactive group initiatives; both within the university and outside communities.  

Guelph-Humber Accounting Council (GHAC)

GHAC assists students seeking to achieve success in their academic and professional careers, specifically related to accounting.  

Guelph-Humber Advertising & Marketing Association (GHAMA)

GHAMA assists students who are seeking to develop their professional careers within the fields of advertising and marketing, through the implementation of creative advertising, marketing and networking experiences.  

Guelph-Humber Business Council (GHBC)

GHBC thrives on engaging and supporting fellow UofGH students in the business community by guiding and connecting students with their interests in order to achieve future success.  

Guelph-Humber Consulting Association (GHCA)

GHCA aims to foster student engagement with the business world and provide a guided path towards careers in management consulting through increased awareness, skills development, and effective networking.  

Guelph-Humber Entrepreneurs Society (GHES)

Run by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, GHES aims to connect people with each other, with information, and with the resources vital to entrepreneurial success.  

Guelph-Humber Finance Society (GHFS)

GHFS aims to foster student engagement with the finance industry and provide a guided path towards a career in finance through awareness, skill development, and networking.  

Guelph-Humber Human Resource Society (GHHRS)

GHHRS gives students the opportunity to learn more about the growing field of Human Resources (HR). Through our exclusive events, members will build transferable skills, unlock potential growth in their careers, and redefine what it means to be an HR professional.  

GuHu Media

GuHu Media is dedicated to bringing all UofGH media students together, to work with and aid one another, and to practice media industry skills outside the classroom.  

Guelph-Humber Pre-Law Society (GHPL)

GHPLS promotes and fosters a culture of legal inquiry and critical thought processes in UofGH's academic community.  

Guelph-Humber Pre-Med Society (GHPMS)

The Pre-Med Society aims to not only foster a sense of community among members of all Guelph-Humber programs who demonstrate interest in applying to medical school, but also to provide educational tools, workshops, and supports for said students.  

International Business Association

IBA is devoted to helping students interested in securing a position & becoming well versed in a global marketplace.  

Kinesiology Society

Kinesiology Society is a group of students at the University of Guelph-Humber, committed to building upon existing knowledge and offering insight into all factors of the health industry. By organizing and offering informative events, we hope to foster a growing passion for kinesiology students.  

Psi Chi (International Honours Society in Psychology)

The UofGH Psi Chi chapter was established to recognize academic excellence in psychology, and foster an academic relationship between students, their professors, and other professionals in the field. It provides students with the opportunity to expand their professional and academic networks by giving them the resources to discuss news, research, challenges, and other current topics in psychology with professionals. Membership is open to all current students at of UofGH with a major in Psychology who meet the academic grade requirements. Students must be inducted as official members of Psi Chi to become an executive member of the Psi Chi UofGH Chapter.  

Psych Society

Psych Society plans social and informative events for UofGH psychology students. They create an open environment where psychology students can interact with one another, as well as with professors in social and academic atmospheres.  

Women in Business Society (WIBS)

WIBS empowers women to be confident and equipped to pursue a career in business, enabling them with opportunities to reach their potential.  

Student at Podium

The Guelph-Humber Pre-Law Society hosted the GH Cup – the University’s first ever international mooting competition. The competition included students from York University, Carleton University, Humber College, UofGH, and Ulster University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Interested in joining a society?

It’s quick and easy!

Once enrolled as a UofGH student, just fill in one, simple form to join your society of choice. 

Start a new society

Can’t find that perfect fit? Consider starting your own society.

The process to apply for society approval and funding is straightforward and the Student Life department welcomes all applications.

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“I loved to be a part of Guelph-Humber’s Kinesiology Society because I was able to plan exciting events across campus and meet other like-minded individuals.”

—Sophie P., Kinesiology graduate


Become a sustainability advocate. Express your creativity. Geek out with anime. Choose your fun.

When not in class or studying, there are plenty of ways for you to have fun and form new friendships, including joining one of the many campus clubs available to you.

Clubs are run through Ignite, the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber’s student government. For a full listing of clubs and details on how to start your own club, visit  .

“As annoying as it may seem to constantly be told “get involved”, this is the one thing I cannot stress enough. Not only for your professional development, but also your personal growth. I have met some of the most amazing people from other programs through societies and work-study opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have met. Employers are so impressed by the University of Guelph-Humber’s CCR and opportunities on campus.”

—Montana M., Former Justice Studies VP of Media Relations, Alpha Phi Sigma Chapter Member, START and FYE Leader

Student eating pie

There used to be a Pie Club! What club will you start?

Student Government

Get involved behind the scenes.

“My involvement with Ignite really allowed me to explore my full potential and work with excellent people who are experts in their field.”

—Maja J., Former Ignite President


IGNITE is a non-profit organization and the official student union representing more than 30,000 full-time students of Humber and the University of Guelph-Humber. IGNITE unites the Humber/Guelph-Humber community with a common voice and engages students through open dialogue, advocacy, essential services and social events.

University of Guelph Senate

Membership represents the University community. Responsibilities include regulate and determine the educational policy of the University; determine courses of study and standards of admission to the University; awarding of fellowships, scholarships and much more.

Co-curricular Record

Build skills. Stand out from the crowd.

In a competitive job market, standing out is vital. Get ahead of your competitors and start a co-curricular record (CCR). This invaluable record highlights your out-of-classroom skill development, including your participation in University clubs and societies and jobs on campus.

It’s never too early to start a CCR.

Learn more   CCR logo

START leader at event

We hire 20 to 50 START Leaders to work on campus each year!