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CSS Student Profile 2023-1

Community Social Services Profile

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Meet Vidita S.

Graduated 2022

“In my Counselling class, we were set up in groups and took turns practicing counselling each other with a real-life issue. What I gained in this class allowed me to understand what I was doing well, what I needed to improve upon and what it felt like to engage in the therapeutic process.”

Where is Vidita now?

Vidita enjoys her role as an Overnight Youth Worker at Our Place Peel. She is also completing her Master of Social Work at York University.

@GH experience


Hundreds of practicum hours gave Vidita a range of experience.

“In my second year, I had a chance to informally counsel children of incarcerated parents and their families on a family visitation bus on weekends.

In my fourth year, I completed my placement at a supervised parenting time program for children that needed supervised visits with their parents who were separated or had court orders restricting their contact. I assisted in creating a neutral, safe space for children and their parents. I found employment after I graduated with my fourth-year practicum!”

Work on campus

“One of the close-knit communities I found was with my START (Student Transition and Resource) team. We called ourselves a family because we worked together to help ease new students’ transition into university. We also engaged in team building activities and reflection exercises during our training. Working on the START team at the University made me feel like I belonged and like I had a place to grow and be accepted as I changed into the person I wanted to be.”


Classes and professors

Vidita says her favourite class was Crisis Intervention because the course content was practical, relevant and enlightening. She liked how engaging the format of the classes were and how in class conversations challenged prior beliefs about the profession, especially when working with clients that were experiencing crises. She says, “The course professor encouraged us to have a conversation as a class, as opposed to just being taught.”