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ECS Student Profile 2023-1

Early Childhood Studies Profile

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Linda G.

Meet Linda G.

Graduated 2023

“I really like the environment at GH; it feels safe and like I belong. I was always excited to come on campus: staff and professors were kind and supportive, my classmates were always helpful and fun to be around. I got a campus job where I met people from other programs and it was so exciting - working with them was amazing.”

Where is Linda now?

Linda began the next step in her career in fall 2023. She is pursuing her Master of Arts in Immigration and Settlement Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University!

@GH experience

Classes and professors

“My favourite class was during my first year. Children and Play was such a fun class. We learned about the different types of play while playing! We learned about parallel play, competitive play, etc. and how to make playdough and other things children use to play.”

Work on campus

Linda was a START Leader for two years and worked in the ECS Resource Room during her fourth year, too.

“While working in the Resource Room I got to meet a lot of students in the ECS program from every year and it was great, because I only knew a lot of the students in my year. Over time, everyone became more familiar with me and when they saw me in the hallway or cafeteria they would stop and say hi and have friendly conversation. It honestly used to make my day.”