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Justice Studies Student Profile 2023-1

Justice Studies Profile

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Meet Vic D.

Graduated 2021

“What made me fall in love with UofGH every week was the comforting feeling of opportunity constantly on the horizon. UofGH had so much in store for me, and it transformed me as a student, person and leader.”

Where is Vic now?

Vic is super busy these days. After completing her Master of Law in International Human Rights from City, University of London, Vic is now an Executive Legal Assistant with Murjic LPC. She is also a sessional law and human rights lecturer at various postsecondary institutions.

Future plans include pursuing a PhD in International Affairs.

Vic has a unique story at UofGH. She started in the Media program but decided to switch part way through her studies to the Justice Studies program - and completed her degree in just four years.

@GH experience


In her fourth year, Vic was selected as a member of UofGH’s International Case Competition Team. She represented the university at three competitions: the Canada Comeback Challenge, the Central European Case Competition and the Ted Rogers Ethical Leadership Case Competition. Her achievements from this time include:

  • Placing in the top 10 out of 200+ teams across Canada in the Canada Comeback Challenge and advocating for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind by developing assistive technology to combat touch stigma during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Being a finalist in the Central European Case Competition’s 6-Hour Lockdown Case

She was involved in a few mooting competitions, too, such as Osgoode Cup and Lions Cup. This experience gave her the confidence to pursue other mooting opportunities at the postgraduate level.


Vic completed research under the supervision of Dr. Glenn Barenthin with the Toronto Police Services’ Integrated Gang Prevention Task Force.

Extracurriculars and work on campus

  • Agora Fellow (2 years)
  • Vice President of Media and Partner Relations, Alpha Phi Sigma (Phi Epsilon Chapter)
  • Student Senator
  • Cam’s Kids’ Student Ambassador
  • FYE Leader (2 years)
“UofGH took me on a trip to Chicago, fulfilling a trip for the Agora Fellowship I was a part of pre-pandemic. We were 11 different people, all different programs, all different walks of life and yet we all connected so quickly and deeply. UofGH certainly attracts such special individuals, and I think this was a powerful illustration of that close-knit community you don’t get anywhere else.”