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RSVP and Tickets

Information about Convocation 2023 will be provided in Winter 2023.

The University of Guelph-Humber uses a provider called Marching Order to manage the Convocation registration and ticketing process.

All graduates who plan to attend their ceremony MUST register through MarchingOrder by May 30, 2022. Registration is required to attend the ceremony and claim their guest tickets.

Accessibility requests for graduates and guests can be made on MarchingOrder.

Registering in Marching Order

Once logged in to the Marching Order system, please check that the spelling of your name, your student number, academic program, and ceremony time are listed correctly.

You will be asked if you plan to attend your convocation ceremony – please indicate Yes or No. Indicating Yes will allow you to claim your two assigned guest tickets.

Follow these steps when accessing your Marching Order account if you don't have access to the email.

  1. Go to the Marching Order website:
  2. Click “Register” under New User
  3. Enter your UofGH (GryphMail) email address
  4. An email will be sent to you prompting you to create a password
  5. Login and complete the form

Name Pronunciation

In an effort to enhance the graduation experience, Marching Order also allows you to submit a voice recording and phonetic spelling of your full name. Please speak slowly and review your recording for clarity. Name readers review the recordings before the ceremony but graduating students are encouraged to confirm pronunciation with the reader just prior to their name being announced on stage.

Pre-Ceremony Slideshow

We encourage graduating students to submit a personal message that will appear in a slideshow in the Convocation Hall prior to the ceremony. This makes for a keepsake for your class and friends and family – the audience loves seeing them!

Please remember this is a formal ceremony. We discourage you from using slang in your message; messages that contain derogatory and defamatory language will be removed from the slideshow.

Claiming Your Guest Tickets

Each graduating student is assigned two guest tickets. You must “claim” your tickets in the Marching Order system in order to access them.

You can print the tickets yourself, or you can email the electronic ticket directly to your guest(s). Like any other electronic ticketed event, guests can either arrive with a printed copy, or display the ticket on their mobile device for entry.

Failure to complete this step WILL affect your ability to bring guests to the ceremony. Guests without a ticket WILL NOT be allowed entry into the Convocation Hall.

Note: Graduates do not require a ticket to participate in their ceremony.

When you register with Marching Order, you will have the option to request extra tickets. Extra tickets are not guaranteed and the number of tickets available for distribution is dependent on attendance for each ceremony.

Please note that tickets are barcoded and can only be used once.

The ceremony will be broadcasted live for guests who are unable to attend.