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The CliftonStrengths program is designed to help you understand your natural talents and how to develop them into strengths. The program launched in Summer 2017 and is targeted at supporting first-year students. All first-year students receive a code to complete the CliftonStrengths for Students online assessment. Upon completion, you will receive a report which identifies your top five talents out of the 34 talent themes.

Unleash Your Strengths

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Now that you’ve completed your assessment and know your top five strengths, let us show you how to unleash your strengths to get the most from your university experience and beyond. We’re running a workshop series to help you develop professional skills and provide valuable strategies for working in groups. Each workshop qualifies for an experience on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR). Click here to view the current workshop schedule!


You can access your Strengths Insight Report, e-books, worksheets, videos, and additional resources at any time through; simply click Sign In.

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Enrich is an online platform, available 24/7, that supports student success by providing you with instant access to a centralized hub of workshops, tools, and resources from across Student Services. Complete workshops, earn badges and learn more about new online tools and resources available to you.

Our Student Services staff are devoted to helping you succeed both academically and professionally. Your Academic Advisor, Career Services Coordinator, Field Placement Coordinator, and the Student Life team are trained to help you set goals related to your academic success, career planning, and leadership development. When meeting with Student Services staff, mention your top five strengths and discuss how they can be used to meet your academic and professional goals.

Information for Staff and Instructors

If you are interested in having a facilitator run a CliftonStrengths workshop for your class or team, please contact