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Posting Policy

Posting Approval Procedure

  • All postings must be approved in GH 108 before being posted.
  • Once flyers are stamped for approval, may post, following the guidelines outlined below.


  • Flyers are 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • In most cases, postings are restricted to the promotion of campus-related activities.
  • Postings must not intentionally display threatening, obscene, hateful, or harassing content.
  • Postings can be up for a maximum of two weeks.  After which time they must be removed.
  • Individuals/groups are responsible for removing their own postings.
  • For extensions, individuals must bring the posting back to GH 108 to be re-approved.

Posting Locations

Classroom Bulletin Boards

No individuals or groups may post on these boards. They are reserved for academic postings only. These bulletin boards are under the jurisdiction of the Department Head, Academic Services.

Club, Society & Departmental Postings

  • The elevator walls on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors facing the spiral staircase.
  • A maximum of two flyers can be put up on each floor.

General Postings

These include rental notices, textbooks sales, etc. and may only be in the form of flyers.

  • The bulletin board on the 2nd floor to the right of the men’s washroom.
  • The bulletin board on the 3rd floor between the elevators.

Student Government Election Postings

  • Candidates are permitted to post flyers on the walls surrounding the elevators on all four floors in the building.

Balcony Banners

  • Space must be reserved through the Student Life office in GH 108 up to one month in advance.
  • Banners must be 6.5 feet x 3.75 feet.
  • The balcony located on the 2nd floor is reserved for posting banners.
  • The long balcony located by the Learning Commons has been divided into four sections.


  • Only masking tape or green tape can be used on the elevator walls and balconies.
  • Staples and pushpins can be used on the general posting bulletin boards.
  • Remember to respect others. Do not post over or tear down materials belonging to other groups.
  • There can be no posting on any surfaces (ex. glass, wood, pillars, etc.) other than the locations listed above.


For questions relating to this policy, please contact:
Student Life, GH 108
416-798-1331 ext.6288