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Final Exam FAQs

Respondus & Exam FAQs

Q: On-line/respondus exams are scheduled for three-hour window, will I potentially have all three hours available to complete the exam?

No. Understanding that online exams will take time to setup, exams will occur within a three-hour window. However, students will have two hours to complete an exam once they have started. Students are encouraged to begin the exam at the start of the designated exam period to accommodate any connection difficulties. If the student is registered with SWAC and requires time and a half to complete the exam, this will be arranged on a student-by-student basis.

Q: Do I need a computer and web cam to complete an online exam with remote invigilation?

Yes. Remotely invigilated exams using Respondus requires students to have both a computer and web cam to complete the exam. If you have an online exam without remote invigilation, you will need a computer but not a web cam.

Q:  Who should a student contact if they are concerned about the technology required to complete their final exam?

Students should email as soon as possible if they require technical support or resources. CourseLink has resources available to help students with technology concerns and can work with and advise students on their technology needs.

Q: How do I prepare for a remotely invigilated exam using Respondus?

Students are encouraged to set up their computers for online invigilation as soon as possible  so that they have some familiarity with the environment before their first exam.  Students will be able to test their environment prior to the final exam by taking a practice test set up in Courselink.  Guidelines for preparing the test taking environment can be found at

Q:  I have a laptop and home internet, but I am concerned about the internet stopping during my online exam.  Can I come to campus that day to access reliable internet?

Extra time has been built into the exam schedule to allow for short disruptions of internet connectivity. 

Q: What should I do if I experience a technical difficulty or internet disruption during an exam?

Students should immediately contact at 519-824-4120 ext. 56939 or Toll Free: 1-866-275-1478 (Canada and USA). If you cannot complete an exam due to technical difficulties please contact your Academic Advisor.

Q: Will a deferred exam be face-to-face?

Students should expect that deferred exams will be in the same format (face to face or online software) as the originally scheduled exam.

Q: If the deferred exam is not face-to-face, how will a student with technology difficulties be able to complete the course?

Students who do not have a computer and/or a web cam are to contact to ask for assistance with technical difficulties.

Q: What if I have an exam conflict?

Exam conflict

  • It is the student’s responsibility to complete and submit an exam conflict form before the due date if they have an exam conflict.
  • Exams will be rescheduled at an alternative date within the exam period.
  • Students will be notified via email of their new exam schedule.

Any one of the following constitutes an exam conflict:

  • Two exams at the same time
  • LESS than one hour (59 minutes or less) between exams
  • Observing a religious holiday on an exam day
  • Three exams in one calendar day

Deferred Privileges and Academic Consideration

Q: Who should students contact if they cannot complete a final term assignment, test or final exam?

Students should contact the Academic Advisor for their degree program.

Q: Who should students contact to request deferred privileges and is supporting documentation required?

Student requests for deferred privileges should be made to the Academic Advisor in their degree program. Supporting documentation is not required but students must provide a rationale.

Q: What are the deadlines for academic consideration and when will they be posted?

Academic Consideration dates are posted on our website at