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Grading & Evaluation

Below is a breakdown of what each alphabetically grade means numerically.

A+ 90-100%
A 85-89%
A- 80-84%
B+ 77-79%
B 73-76%
B- 70-72%
C+ 67-69%
C 63-66%
C- 60-62%
D+ 57-59%
D 53-56%
D- 50-52%
F 0-49%

A numerical grade is usually awarded for each course attempt, but one of the following symbols may appear on your transcript:

INP Course in progress
SUP Supplemental Privilege
CRD Credit - pass standing granted
NCR No credit received
WF,WDF Withdrawn Fail
WNP Withdrawn no Penalty
<> Mark not included in average
INF Incomplete: failure
AUD Audit - requires no exam
MNR Mark not reported
UNS Unsatisfactory
DEF Deferred Privilege
SAT Satisfactory
INC Incomplete
XXF Original grade, supplemental privilege failed
XXP Original grade, supplemental privilege passed

Co-operative education evaluations

Work performance evaluation

  • Outstanding
  • Very Good
  • Satisfactory
  • Unsatisfactory

Work report evaluation

  • Outstanding
  • Very Good
  • Satisfactory
  • Unsatisfactory

The University of Guelph-Humber uses a credit system. The credit weight for each course appears after the course title (e.g., 0.50).

All grades are available through WebAdvisor.