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Tuition Fee Appeals


By registering for courses at the University of Guelph-Humber, students agree to pay all assessed tuition and fees as a result of this registration (see the Statement of Financial Responsibility). Students are responsible for the full fee for any courses added to their record, regardless of when in the semester they added them.

Please be aware that there are tuition penalties for dropping courses after the start of classes (see the refund schedule). Refunds are based on your actual drop date as recorded in WebAdvisor. You are also responsible for the full fee for any courses added to your record, regardless of when in the term you added them.

Students who have documented extenuating circumstances and wish to appeal the assessment of tuition fee penalties relating to dropped course(s) or withdrawal from the University, must complete the following steps:

  1. fill out the online Tuition Fee Appeal form;
  2. attach official supporting documentation; and
  3. submit the completed package.

Tuition fee appeals must be filed with Student Financial Services no later than the 20th class day in the subsequent semester of the relevant term. (For example, the 20th class day in the winter semester for a fall semester appeal.)

Special University Fees, Distance Education Resource and miscellaneous fees are not refundable. Compulsory and optional fees are not appealable and follow the refund schedule.

Please review the following information prior to completing and submitting a Tuition Fee appeal.

Acceptable Reasons

You may submit a tuition fee appeal if you experience a serious documented medical/mental illness or on compassionate grounds such as the death of an immediate family member that causes you to drop courses. Immediate family shall mean grandparent; parent; stepparent; spouse; common-law spouse (including same-sex partner); child; stepchild; sibling; or stepsibling.

How to Submit a Tuition Fee Appeal

  1. Drop the course(s) for which you are requesting a credit/refund through WebAdvisor by the last day of classes of the current semester. Note: if the last day to drop classes has passed (but prior to the 20th class day of the subsequent semester), you will need to speak to your Academic Advisor to determine if it is still possible to submit a Request for Academic Consideration for a Late Drop.
  2. Review the refund schedule to determine the refund that you are eligible for based on the timing of your course drop date in WebAdvisor.
  3. Complete a Tuition Fee Appeal form. Include the following information/documentation with your form:
    • Official supporting documentation, such as a death certificate/obituary or documentation from a physician or psychologist. Documentation must clearly state the time period impacted and personal impact.
    • A clear explanation of what took place and why a tuition fee appeal is being requested. Documentation provided should support your statement and describe the impact that the circumstances had on your ability to participate in courses. Please include information about who you interacted with because this is important in understanding the timing of the incident. Documentation not providing this level of detail will not provide support to your appeal.

The Tuition Fee Appeals Committee meets monthly to consider submitted appeals. The decisions of the Tuition Fee Appeals Committee will be final.

Tuition Refund Value

The tuition refund amounts are only used for appeals that have been approved by the Tuition Fee Appeals Committee. If course(s) are dropped or you withdraw, your tuition charge is effective as of the date of the drop or withdrawal. Approving a tuition fee appeal and pro-rating the fees may or may not result in an adjustment on your financial account. Review your account on WebAdvisor and if you have any questions, contact Student Financial Services at

If you are receiving financial assistance through the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), your OSAP application will be reassessed to reflect the actual number of weeks of study that were completed or the change from full-time to part-time status. Your tuition refund will be sent to OSAP to pay back your OSAP loans/grants.

Other Types of Appeals

For forms related to late and reinstatement fee appeals, please visit the Forms and Documents page.