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Eligibility for Domestic In-Course Bursaries


  1. Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  2. Must be registered in a minimum of 1.5 academic credits, or 1.0 academic credits for students with a permanent disability or persistent or prolonged disability and registered with Accessible Learning Services
  3. Must have a complete and error free full-time OSAP (or the appropriate home provincial/territory student assistance program) application on file at the time of application


Students who are restricted from applying to OSAP or their home provincical/territory's program for the following reasons are eligible to apply for bursary assistance:

  1. Non-degree or General studies students
  2. Code 65 OSAP academic restricted students
  3. Applied to OSAP, but were denied due to academic edits
  4. An HRSDC-CSFA OSAP restriction

Student who have a full income variance restriction on file with OSAP are not eligible to apply for bursary until this restriction is resolved with the Ministry. 
*Other restrictions may apply

My Responsibilities

  1. Complete one Financial Need Assessment Form (N.A.F.) per study period.

  2. Search the In-Course Scholarships webpage to identify awards that require an application in addition to the Applicable N.A.F. (e.g. Apply By Letter) and submit the documentation along with your N.A.F.

University's Responsibilities

We will notify applicants by email indicating approval or denial of assistance. Students who have been approved can review their student account details on WebAdvisor.