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What You Need to Know: Dropping Courses

If a student can access WebAdvisor

  1. Use WebAdvisor to drop using the register/drop function.
  2. Confirm the course has been removed from your record by viewing your schedule. If the course you dropped does not appear on your revised schedule the request has been processed.

If a student cannot access WebAdvisor

Students will not be able to access WebAdvisor for any of the following reasons:

  1. They have a pending case of Academic Misconduct, or have been found guilty of Academic Misconduct in the current semester.
  2. They have not paid their tuition fees and have a financial sanction.

Course drop period

  • Courses may be dropped up to the last class day.
  • Specific dates for a semester are provided in the Schedule of Important Dates, found in the Academic Calendar.

Dropping a course after the deadline

  • The drop of a course after the deadline is only permitted in exceptional circumstances.
  • Students should consult their Academic Advisor and must submit a request for Academic Consideration.
  • Requests for Academic Consideration are only approved for documented medical, psychological or compassionate reasons.


  • A full course load (i.e., 2.00 – 3.0 credits) defines the tuition fee for full time study. No refund is generated if a student drops a course, but remains a full-time student.
  • See the Refund Schedule.
  • Refunds will be generated to the student in the same method their initial payment was made (i.e., through their bank, or their credit card).