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Kinesiology Student Profile

Meet Jordan L.

Jordan outside

Graduated 2016

I can say that just about every class from my time at Guelph-Humber provided me with a tool or skill that I have used during my research career. My favourite classes from Guelph-Humber were Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. In the years since I've graduated, I continue to study these topics in my career as a researcher, and I can say that this is in large part because of the inspiration and fascination with these areas imparted from the awesome professors I learned from.



  • GH Chapter Activities Coordinator, Canadian Obesity Network

Work on campus

  • Laboratory Research Assistant
  • Peer Tutor
I did my master's degree at the University of Guelph with Philip Millar, who is also my current PhD advisor. I met him through the UofGH undergrad research assistantship program, when I did summer research with him in 2015.

Further Studies

  • Master of Science in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph, 2018
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship recipient

Where is Jordan now?

He is completing his PhD at the University of Guelph.

Jordan described his current research for us: I am currently researching how someone's blood pressure and heart rate react when they are exercising. We know that excessive cardiovascular responses to stress and exercise are associated with a greater risk of future cardiovascular disease, so I want to understand what factors determine whether someone has a small or large cardiovascular response to exercise. I look specifically at the role of the nervous system in determining how the cardiovascular system responds to exercise, and how exercise training and nutrition interventions can target this response. I currently study these questions in healthy people, but I plan to work directly with a clinical population in my future research.

Jordan plans to pursue a post-doctoral research position after his PhD, potentially in the US or the UK.

Note: Profile information as published September 2021


As part of our 20th anniversary (coming in fall 2022), our 2022 Viewbook revisits students previously profiled in Viewbooks! A bit of a blast from the past.

Profile of Jordan in 2017 UofGH Viewbook
We used Jordan's photo from the 2017 Viewbook in the current 2022 Viewbook as a nod to his past when he was a new grad.