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Kinesiology Student Profile 2023-1

Kinesiology Profile

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Meet Kanika D.

Graduated 2021

“The cadaver lab for human anatomy, in first year, is the hands-on learning experience that I remember the most as it allowed me to build the base foundation of other courses to come. I still use my first-year notes and knowledge in my [postgraduate] studies for chiropody.”

Where is Kanika now?

Kanika is studying chiropody at The Michener Institute of Education, UHN. She is completing her Advanced Diploma. Chiropody is a branch of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders of the foot, and ankle.

@GH experience

Classes and professors

“I liked the hands-on experience the most about UofGH. Most of my courses integrated hands-on labs or activities.”


Kanika received an entrance scholarship which renewed for all four years!

Work on campus

Kanika joined our START Leader team and became a UofGH ambassador for three years.

“I got to meet so many new students from different programs being a START Leader. Because of this, I felt like I would see someone I know every day - it made my university experience feel like a close-knit community.”


Kanika worked under Dr. John Zettel as a paid research assistant in his movement and posture lab located at the University of Guelph.