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Convocation Checklist

Three students in graduation gowns smiling

Use this checklist to ensure you are completing all the required steps leading up to your convocation ceremony.

Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, the University of Guelph-Humber has decided to postpone our June convocation ceremonies and will hold these during the fall instead. Graduates will be mailed their credentials and all will be invited to attend fall ceremonies.

Apply to Graduate

Whether you plan on attending your convocation ceremony or not, you must apply to graduate. For more information on applying to graduate, visit the Application to Graduate page.

Before Convocation

Pay outstanding University accounts

Any graduating student who has an outstanding balance at the time of Convocation, will be placed on Financial Sanction and will not be issued the official degree or diploma parchment at the convocation ceremony. Parchments will be withheld until payment is made.

Book an appointment for your graduation photos

The Studio Nostalgia photography team has been taking graduation portraits throughout the year. To book an appointment with the photographer, click here for appointment.

University of Guelph-Humber students are also able to have their graduation portraits taken at either the North or Lakeshore Humber College campuses. Please indicate that you are a UofGH student at the time of booking.

Composites of each program will also be produced. Be sure to indicate if you want your portrait included in your program’s composite during your appointment.

Pre-order your gown

Gowns and caps are ordered through a third-party company, Gaspard & Sons. To choose your gown size and place your order, you must register on Gaspard’s website:

Orders placed in the pre-order period (dates TBA) will be charged a $30 rental fee. Those who do not pre-order a gown will be required to pay $40 rental fee on event day.

All graduating students are required to rent a gown through our provider – this is an essential piece to the University of Guelph-Humber’s official regalia.

RSVP and claim your guest tickets

Graduates must RSVP to inform us they plan to attend their ceremony. This RSVP process is managed through a website called Marching Order. When logged into Marching Order, graduates can also claim their guest tickets. Each graduate is assigned two guest tickets. Graduates do not require a ticket to participate in their ceremony.

For detailed instructions, go to the RSVP & Tickets page.

Update your contact information with Alumni Services

Stay connected with the University of Guelph-Humber after graduation!

To receive information about alumni events, perks & benefits, and other news, make sure you submit an Alumni Contact Information Update Form with your personal email address.

Note: Your UofGH Gryphmail email address will expire one year following your graduation date. We recommend you use this time to transfer any information you’d like to keep to a personal email account.

Day of Your Ceremony

Print your guest tickets

Only guests who arrive with a ticket (printed or on a mobile device) will be allowed into the hall.

Graduating students will need to log into their Marching Order account to print the tickets or email them to their guests prior to the ceremony.

Guests should arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony, and seated in the Convocation Hall 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the ceremony. Latecomers will be directed by Ushers and seated at a suitable time in the proceedings.

Please encourage your guests to arrive together if they would like to be seated together, as we cannot accommodate reserving groups of seats or rows in advance.

Arrive one hour before your ceremony time

Graduating students must arrive at Pearson Convention Centre a minimum of ONE HOUR prior to the scheduled start of their ceremony time to check in and pick up your required materials.

When arriving at the venue, follow displayed signage to the Student Area.

Please bring photo ID to confirm your identity when checking in. Purses and other belongings will not be allowed with you into the ceremony. Please make arrangements to leave these items with your guests. We cannot guarantee the security of any personal items left in the Student Area.

Pick up your gown

Upon arrival to the Student Area, you’ll be asked to identify whether you pre-ordered your gown.

Graduating students who pre-ordered gowns will be able to pick up their gown rental by presenting their photo ID.

Those who did not pre-order a gown can rent one on-site for a fee of $40. Various methods of payment are accepted, including cash, debit, VISA, and MasterCard.

All graduating students are required to rent a gown through our provider – this is an essential piece to the University of Guelph-Humber’s official regalia.

Pick up your Marching Order name card

The next station inside the Student Area will be with the Academic Advisors. Here you will receive your name card.

DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD. This card is personalized to you and will determine the order in which you cross the stage and your name is read during the ceremony. This card will be scanned during the ceremony and is programmed to display your name on the large screens and in the video stream.

Visit the Alumni Services table

The last station for you to visit inside the Student Area is with the Alumni Services department.

Convocation is your official welcome into the alumni family! Submit your personal email address at this table for the opportunity to win a prize. Also take a minute to introduce yourself to the alumni volunteers helping at this station and throughout the ceremony.

Lining up and waiting for instruction

The Marshals will provide graduating students with your instructions prior to processing into the Convocation Hall. Students will be lined up in alphabetical order, by academic program.

Students who arrive late risk not being inserted into proper alphabetical order if the ceremony has already begun.

Note: Convocation staff will do the best they can to escort latecomers into the line-up, but it is important that students arrive one hour in advance of the ceremony to receive all of the information they need to enjoy the day.

Convocation ceremony begins

The Marshals will lead graduating students into the Convocation Hall a few minutes prior to the scheduled ceremony start time. Once students have been shown to their seats, the Platform Party will process into the hall. We ask that graduating students and guests remain standing while the Platform Party proceeds to the stage.

Graduating students will be signaled when it is time to cross the stage. Upon arriving at the stage, each student will submit their name card to be scanned. At this time, the graduate’s name will be read and they will be queued to cross the stage.

Once on stage, graduates will be hooded by the Beadle and shake hands with the University of Guelph-Humber Vice Provost and representatives from the University of Guelph and Humber College ITAL. Graduates will not receive their parchments while on stage.

Upon exiting the stage, graduates will be presented with their black graduation cap by an alumni volunteer. This is a gift to welcome you to the alumni family! It is a keepsake for you to enjoy the memory of this milestone day.

Next, graduates will be directed to have their official graduation portrait taken by our providers Studio Nostalgia. Following the photo, graduates will receive their parchments and directed back into the Convocation Hall to their seats.

Note: Graduating students who would prefer not to shake hands on stage are encouraged to cross their arms across their chest as a way to signal their preferences.

Enjoy the post-ceremony Alumni Reception

Immediately following each ceremony, all graduates and their guests are invited to join us for the Alumni Reception. This is your first celebration event as new members of the University of Guelph-Humber alumni family!

The Alumni Reception will also allow graduates the opportunity to ring the UofGH Bell – symbolizing the transition from your time as a student to a member of the alumni family.

Gowns and hoods should be returned to our providers Gaspard & Sons at this time, to the designated Gown Return Area. Be sure to keep your grad cap!

There are a number of other vendors available to visit during the Alumni Reception. For more information, visit the Memorabilia page.

Share your photos and videos on social media using #GHgrad

Take a photo with the mascot, Swoop! Grab a selfie with your favourite professor!

We encourage you to share your photos and videos on social media using our official event hashtag #GHgrad. Follow along online to see friends from other ceremonies throughout the day.

Not Attending Convocation?

If you applied to graduate and are unable to attend your ceremony, you will graduate in absentia.

After Convocation, you can pick up your parchments from Student Financial Services (GH 112), with government ID. Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm. After approximately one month, all unclaimed parchments will be mailed to the home address the University of Guelph-Humber has on file for the graduate.