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Work for Student Life

Get involved by volunteering or working on campus!

Interested in volunteering? Check out the latest issue of the Student Life eNews or email for more information. We have various events where we need greeters, speakers, and event coordinators.

Looking for a paid position? The job postings for the Work Study opportunities listed below can be found on GHworks.

CliftonStrengths Program Ambassador

The CliftonStrengths Program Ambassador aims to raise student awareness and increase participation in the CliftonStrengths program. They assist in the development and execution of a campus-wide promotional campaign. Responsibilities include representing the program at services fairs, conveying key messaging to the student body, and managing a team of student volunteers.

Hiring happens annually through an application process in the Winter semester. Applications are due March 20.

Events and Office Assistant

Events and Office Assistants support the Student Services department with administrative tasks. They are scheduled on an as-needed basis to assist with administrative tasks including package stuffing, mailings, data entry and other duties as assigned. They will aid in the execution of on-campus events, including pre-event preparation and on-site event support.

A team of Events and Office Assistants is hired to work from August-April, and are hired annually in August.

First Year Experience (FYE) Leader

First Year Experience (FYE) Leaders are mentors for first-year students in their academic program that help new students transition into university, build community, and gain familiarity with the campus and available resources. FYE Leaders provide valuable information regarding important dates, campus resources, student services, and on-campus events and activities to incoming students, both online and in-person.

During the summer, FYE Leaders will supervise Facebook groups of incoming students, answering questions and relating their positive personal experiences to their groups. During the Fall and Winter semesters, FYE Leaders will facilitate workshops for first-year students to support their success at UofGH, and promote and attend social events targeted to their FYE student groups.

FYE Leaders are hired annually through an application process in the Winter semester. Applications are due March 20.

Marketing Assistant

The Marketing Assistant assists the Student Life and Career & Placement Services departments in the creation and distribution of weekly student eNews email initiative by aggregating and curating content from various sources: academic and student support departments, societies, clubs, staff, and campus partners. The Marketing Assistant plays a critical role in leading regular assessment of email marketing initiatives and making recommendations to increase engagement and readership.

One Marketing Assistant is hired to work September-April, and is hired annually in August.

Mascot – Swoop the Great Horned Owl Mascot

Student performers have the opportunity to wear the mascot costume and bring Swoop’s personality to life! Swoop the Great Horned Owl is friendly, energetic, reliable, and excited to meet everyone on campus. Swoop attends on-campus events and activities held by Student Services departments, academic societies, awards banquets, and more, and creates a welcome and inclusive environment wherever they go!

Hiring occurs twice per year: 1-2 Swoop student performers are hired in April to work May to August, and 2-3 Swoop student performers are hired in August to work September to April.

Media Assistant

The Media Assistant develops new and updates existing marketing materials for Student Life, Career & Placement Services and Alumni Services. This role offers opportunities for photography, videography and video editing, and graphic design for events and social media accounts for various departments at the university.

One Media Assistant is hired to work from May to April (hired in April). All students are welcome to apply.

Occasionally, a second Media Assistant is hired to assist with Fall semester (hired in August) and/or in Winter semester (hired in November/December). Preference will be given to students who are using this role for their internship in the Media Studies program, but students from all programs and years of study are welcome to apply.

Program Development Assistant

The Program Development Assistant helps to develop Student Life’s projects and initiatives in alignment with the department’s mission statement and intentional learning outcomes. Responsibilities include developing materials for student leader training, creating workshop content and presentations for various programming, and researching best practices to be implemented in the Student Life department.

Hiring happens annually through an application process in the Winter semester. Applications are due March 20.

Student Life Assistant

The Student Life Assistant performs administrative duties to support the Student Life department’s events, projects, and initiatives. Responsibilities include organizing student workers’ information, corresponding with internal and external partners, managing event registration processes, and coordinating supplies for student groups and events.

Hiring happens annually through an application process in the Winter semester. Applications are due March 20.

Student Transition and Resource Team (START) Leader

Student Transition and Resource Team (START) Leaders act as student ambassadors for new students in the areas of student services, resources, and campus life. Year-round, they represent their program and the student population through campus tours, calling campaigns, and on-campus and off-campus events. During the academic year, START Leaders assist Student Recruitment in attracting applicants to the University.

START Leaders are hired annually through an application process in the Winter semester. Applications are due March 20.

*Your involvement in any of these listed opportunities with Student Life can be added to your Co-Curricular Record.

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