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Justice Studies Placements

Field Placement Descriptions

JUST 2050 - Community Service I

Explore the structure and administration of community service organizations and social services agencies (not-for-profit) that operate within and adjacent to the Criminal Justice System. Work on site, under the direct supervision of professional staff, and contribute directly to an agency's operation.

JUST 3050 - Community Service II

This course builds on JUST 2050 Community Service I. Students will be required to seek and secure a placement with an agency, either in a different site, or the same site with an increase or change in responsibility. Students will have an opportunity to reflect on their previous community service experience, as well as compare the agencies, and the two experiences. Students have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired through the Justice Program and to reflect in the current placement. Additionally, this course encourages critical evaluation of the current placement in comparison to the previous placement.

Placement Requirements

  • 100 hours in each year
  • Positions can be voluntary or paid positions (at the review of your placement coordinator)
  • Must be related to justice/law or a community service or program that helps marginalized populations


  • Attend weekly scheduled classes
  • Must lead an in-class discussion
  • Must submit seven (7) in-class reports

Field Placement Documentation & Forms

Once a student has successfully registered for the JUST 2050/3050 course, they will be provided access to instructions and the necessary forms on GH's Career and Placement Portal,

For more information, please connect with your Field Placement Coordinator.