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Course Selection & WebAdvisor

Please read the academic schedules & the information below very carefully.

Delivery Formats

The University of Guelph-Humber is looking forward to a vibrant on-campus experience this fall. Closely following public health guidelines and government regulations, we are currently planning for a substantial proportion of our courses to be offered face-to-face on campus starting this September.

If public health and government regulations change, and/or mandate continued social distancing as the fall semester nears, we will adapt our plans accordingly, always keeping safety as our top priority.

To provide students with additional learning options, we are also planning to make more online choices available for students in selected courses and sections.

Further information on delivery methods can be found here; please examine prior to registration.

In the event the university must cancel the majority of In-Person or HyFlex classes due to updated public health guidelines and government regulations, no lectures will occur on campus and will be delivered remotely; however some laboratories will require on-campus attendance. These will be noted on the schedule as * please see important information below.

Placement/Practicum Courses
Placements and internships will be delivered safely within local health authority guidelines. Please contact your Placement Coordinator for more information

Please note: 

  1. In-Person, Hyflex and Alternate Delivery will not be noted on webadvisor during course selection.  Students are advised to make note of these courses prior to registration.
  2. Winter 2023 delivery format updates will occur​​​​ as required up to Course Selection commencement. Students are strongly encouraged to check for delivery format updates prior to registration.
  3. The colours above and on the course schedules will not match the colour coding once in Student Planning.


Summer 2023

Course selection window for all students and credit weights will be Monday March 6th, 2023 at 9 am EST.

This will include:

  • S23 (12 week schedule, May - Aug)
  • S1 (6 week format, May-June)
  • S2 (6 week format, July- Aug)

Course Overload Period for Summer 2023

  • Tuesday March 21st, 2023 at 12 midnight- WebAdvisor to open for course overload (up to 3.25 credits)

How to register for courses

Watch a video tutorial or read step-by-step instructions on registering for courses.

About WebAdvisor

WebAdvisor is an internet-based tool used for course selection, paying fees and accessing services such as parking and lockers.

In order to use WebAdvisor you require an internet connection, a web browser and your login and password. You would have received your login and password in the New Student Guide sent to you when you first accepted the University's offer of admission.

Protect your WebAdvisor password, and never give it out.