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What You Need to Know: Academic Standing

At the end of each semester, every undergraduate student is assigned an academic standing according to the Continuation of Study requirements.

Students who have attempted between 0.25 and 2.50 credits will be allowed to continue regardless of the cumulative average. These students will be placed on probation if their initial cumulative average falls below 50%.

Eligible to Continue (ETC)

  • Must have met all program requirements for continuation.
  • If a student has attempted 2.50 credits or less, their overall average must be 50% or above.
  • If a student has attempted 2.75 credits or more, their overall average must be 60% or above.

Probationary Status (PRB)

  • A student who has a cumulative average that falls below the requirements.
  • When a student is placed on probation, they must maintain a minimum semester average of 60% or they will be required to withdraw from the university for a minimum of two semesters.
  • Students must maintain a minimum semester average of 60% to continue on probation and achieve a minimum cumulative average of 60% to have probation removed and eligibility to continue reinstated.

Required to Withdraw (RTW)

  • A student who has not satisfied the program requirements to continue on probation.
  • Students who are required to withdraw from the University must do so for a minimum of two semesters (called the period of rustication).
  • After fulfilling their rustication period, students can re‐apply to the University using the Application for Program Transfer or Readmission Form

Strategies to support academic success

  • Contact your instructors if you are having trouble with the material being covered in class.
  • Ask for help with specific concepts or material from lectures which you do not understand.
  • Do the preparatory work before you visit the instructor so that you are able to effectively discuss your difficulties.
  • Visit the Math, Writing or Accounting Centre for focused course assistance. Online appointments are available for each of these services. 
  • Use the Learning Commons early in the semester and attend the Learning Skills Workshops offered by the Learning Support Peers (LSPs).
  • Sign up for a Peer Tutor by registering online or by contacting Peer Assisted Learning Services at 416-675-6622 ext. 4616.
  • Consider reducing your course load if you are having difficulties.
  • Stay healthy by eating a balanced diet and being active.
  • Reduce your shifts or hours of employment.
  • If you are having difficulties that are personal in nature do not hesitate to contact Counselling Services online or at 416-675-6622 ext.5090.