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New Student FAQs


Here are common questions we receive from new students, answered by current UofGH student leaders.
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When is the first day of classes?

The first day of classes of the Fall 2021 semester is Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Will classes go back on campus this semester?

Course delivery for the Fall 2021 semester includes both face-to-face and online courses. More information can be found in the University’s Fall 2021 COVID-19 information and the Course Selection website.

Where can I find my course outlines?

You can find course outlines by using the Course Outlines search engine and selecting the corresponding Course Code found on your Course Schedule. Double-check that you’re choosing the correct course outline by looking at the Year, Term, and Section. Some of the Fall 2021 course outlines may not be posted yet, but it can still be beneficial to view old outlines from previous semesters to gain an understanding of what you can expect from the class.

What textbooks do I need for class?

You can find out which textbooks are required for each class by viewing the Course Outlines. Textbook information can be found underneath the heading Learning Resources. It’s recommended that you wait until the first day of class to speak to your prof/instructor before purchasing textbooks, as some may accept older editions, have an online PDF available for the class, or might not require the textbook entirely.

You can also email your prof/instructor before classes begin to confirm textbook information. Their contact information can be found in the Course Outlines underneath the heading Instructional Support.  

Where can I buy textbooks?

You can purchase your textbooks from several places! The Humber Campus Store offers new, used, and rental textbooks, plus a price-matching program, with delivery or pick-up options. Students can also purchase UofGH apparel and merchandise at the Campus Store. You can find textbooks in Facebook groups where upper-year students sell their used textbooks, Amazon, Indigo, and more.

Remember to wait until the first day of class to speak to your prof/instructor before purchasing textbooks, as some may accept older editions, have an online PDF available for the class, or might not require the textbook entirely.

What is Reading Week and when is it?

Reading Week is a designated period where normal class schedules and academic requirements are put on hold. These are breaks to support student wellness and mental health.

During Reading Week, for both online and in-person courses:

  • There are no mandatory academic events (e.g., classes, lectures, labs, tutorials, seminars).
  • Instructors are not permitted to schedule academic evaluations (e.g., quizzes, midterms, presentations).
  • Instructors cannot set any course deadlines (e.g., essays, projects, presentations)

There may be some exceptions regarding Field Placement/Practicum or any other experiential learning integral to a course, but this will be reflected in your course outline.

Reading Week for the Fall 2021 semester is scheduled for October 11-15, 2021

Reading Week for the Winter 2021 semester is scheduled for February 21-25, 2022.  

Getting Involved

How do I get involved?

There are so many ways to get involved in the UofGH community!

Here are some ways to get involved at UofGH and Humber College:

Where do I find out about clubs?

Learn about clubs through the IGNITE website. All clubs available for the North Campus are listed on the site alongside their contact information to join. If you don’t see a club you wish to join, you can also apply to start your own club

Will I be able to access Student Wellness and Accessibility services this Fall?

The Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre is closed until further notice, but staff in all areas of expertise are available online or by phone. You can access services through a combination of remote/virtual options, including Zoom calls.

If at any time you need immediate personal support or counselling, you can access the Good2Talk Helpline at 1-866-925-5454 or by texting GOOD2TALKON to 686868, or use Therapy Assist Online, which provides online and mobile tools to support mental health.

If you are in crisis and need urgent mental health support, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

Financial Questions

When is tuition due?

A non-refundable $200 registration deposit is due on Friday, August 13, 2021. The balance of your Fall semester tuition and fees is due on Friday, September 17, 2021.

View other critical financial dates.

How/where do I pay tuition?

You can view your semester bill and a breakdown of the charges for Fall 2021 online by logging into WebAdvisor and clicking Account View under Academic Profile. To pay the tuition bill, click Make a Payment under Academic Profile and enter in the exact amount you wish to pay. From there, it will guide you to choose a payment method to complete the process.

View the approved methods of payment.

How do I apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistant Program)?

Eligible full-time and part-time students can now apply for OSAP. Read about eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and more here.

I’m receiving my OSAP payment after the tuition payment deadline. What do I do?

Student Financial Services encourages all students to submit their OSAP application in a timely manner to ensure funding is released on time before the September 17 deadline. If you expect your funding to be delayed or are experiencing difficulties making payments, please contact Student Financial Services at to discuss payment arrangements.


What insurance coverage do I have?

All full-time UofGH students are automatically enrolled in a Flexible Health & Dental Insurance Plan provided by IGNITE. To view a full breakdown of the different insurance plans and what they cover, visit We Speak Student.

Can I opt out of the insurance coverage?

Review the Flexible Health & Dental Insurance Plan information from IGNITE. There are prescription opt-out and entire plan opt-out options. Check IGNITE’s Health and Wellness website for the deadline for opting out of your insurance plan.

How do I receive my Student ID card?

A new student ID card system is coming soon! Check the ID Card website in late summer for more information.