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UofGH Faculty and Staff Directory Information table
Name First Name Last Name Title Program/Department Location Bio Phone Number Emailsort descending Details
Aaranan Sooriyamoorthy Aaranan (Ari) Sooriyamoorthy Digital Communication Technologist Academic & Campus Technology Services (ACTS) GH410 416.798.1331 ext. 6245 Details»
Ahmed Bashir Ahmed Bashir Faculty Business GH208 416.798.1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Abbas Keramati Abbas Keramati Faculty Business GH208 416.798.1331 ext. 6221 Details»
Abinas Uthayakumar Abinas Uthayakumar Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Adam Langridge Adam Langridge Faculty Electives GH208 416.798.1331 ext. 6312 Details»
Adam Miller Adam Miller Assistant Program Head - Media Studies Media Studies GH408B View Bio for Adam Miller 416.798.1331 ext. 6267 Details»
Adam Sandford Adam Sandford Assistant Program Head - Psychology Psychology GH408F View Bio for Adam Sandford 416.798.1331 ext. 6088 Details»
Adam Wilson Adam Wilson Faculty Media Studies GH408 416.798.1331 ext. 6087 Details»
Aditi Aggarwal Aditi Aggarwal Student Financial Services Associate Student Financial Services GH112 416.798.1331 ext. 6256 Details»
Agnes Coutinho Agnes Coutinho Assistant Program Head - Kinesiology Kinesiology GH308H View Bio for Agnes Coutinho 416.798.1331 ext.6203 Details»
Aida Memisevic Aida Memisevic Faculty Business GH208 416.798.1331 ext.6221 Details»
Ajay Sharma Ajay Sharma Faculty Justice Studies GH308 View Bio for Ajay Sharma 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Akil Annamunthodo Akil Annamunthodo Manager, Digital Communications and Web Services Electives, Web Services GH402F 416-798-1331 ext. 6298 Details»
Alanna McKay Alanna McKay Faculty Support Officer – Psychology Academic Services GH408 416.798.1331 ext. 6071 Details»
Alex Hillar Alex Hillar Faculty Early Childhood Studies Degree Completion GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6302 Details»
Alex Wood Alex Wood Faculty Media Studies GH408 416.798.1331 ext.6087 Details»
Alexander Schwartz Alexander Schwartz Faculty Kinesiology GH308 416.798.1331 ext. 6326 Details»
Alexandra Chisholm Alexandra Chisholm Faculty Psychology GH408 416.798.1331 ext.6071 Details»
Alexia Hannis Alexia Hannis Faculty Electives GH408 View Bio for Alexia Hannis 416.798.1331 ext. 6312 Details»
Light Zachary Light Zachary Faculty Electives GH208 416.798.1331 ext.6312 Details»