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Amanda Wintink
BA (University of Winnipeg), MA (Brock University), PhD (Dalhousie University)

416.798.1331 ext.6071

Dr. Amanda Wintink began teaching at the University of Guelph-Humber since 2015. Dr. Wintink, the CEO and Founder of Centre for Applied Neuroscience (CAN) has been delivering undergraduate courses in psychology and neuroscience since 2005. Her teaching philosophy involves encouraging students to think critically, creatively, and holistically about the content they learn. Dr. Wintink’s goal as an instructor is to have students learn psychology and neuroscience in a personally relevant manner and to develop skills that are transferable outside of the classroom.

Dr. Wintink is also a certified yoga teacher and a meditation/mindfulness teacher who brings these topics into the classroom. Dr. Wintink’s recent book, Self Science - A Guide to the Mind and Your Brain's Potential, is an example of her cross-boundary work.

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