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Kinesiology Research

Graduate with relevant research skills.  Ask new questions.  Participate in the creation of new knowledge.

In your final year, you’ll choose between conducting a systematic literature review and an Undergraduate Thesis project.  For either, you’ll work under the supervision of a faculty member, who can work either at the University of Guelph-Humber, the University of Guelph, Humber College, or any other academic institution with permission from the course director. 

Literature review project:

  • Work with a research supervisor exploring an area of interest in the health sciences.
  • Learn the various steps of research project development and scientific writing.

Undergraduate Thesis project:

  • Conduct novel research and analyze data.
  • Learn to collect data, interpret it, and give a final report with both a scientific paper and an oral presentation.

It will be your responsibility to find a supervisor for your project whose research is related to your topic of interest. As a starting point, below are links to the faculties of the related University of Guelph and Humber departments.

Please note that not all faculty members will be available to supervise.

See University of Guelph Human Health & Nutritional Sciences faculty bios
See Humber College Fitness & Exercise Science faculty bios

Undergraduate Research Supervisors

Dr. Leslie Auger
Research Areas: Behaviour change strategies, targeting physical activity and sleep, for individuals who have survived or are living with cancer. The use of smartphone technology and activity monitoring devices to objectively measure and influence behaviour.

Dr. Agnes Coutinho
Research Areas: Nordic walking programs to promote mental and physical well-being, in workplace, clinical and community settings.

Should you choose a faculty member or industry expert who is external to the University of Guelph-Humber, the University of Guelph, or Humber, you will still require a co-supervisor who is a faculty member at either one of these institutions.

Please direct questions to:

Dr. Lawrence Spriet
Dr. Leslie Auger (nee Stefanyk)
Dr. Agnes Coutinho