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A film festival that feels close to home

Text that reads: For this company to be here was perfect.

Ottavio Osso’s field placement hit close to home in a serendipitous way.

The fourth-year student in the University of Guelph-Humber’s Business program grew up watching Italian movies with his family and speaking some Italian at home. So a field placement through UofGH at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival felt almost too good to be true.

“I’ve watched Italian movies growing up, because obviously it’s my family’s background,” Osso said. “Honestly, it just so happened that this worked out. This is a company I know I would have applied to if I saw the posting somewhere else. I would have 100 per cent been interested.

“So for this company to be here was perfect.”

Osso has been working as sponsorship co-ordinator for the festival, which was founded in 2012 and has grown rapidly in the years since.

In that role, Osso finds himself writing renewal letters to sponsors and otherwise helping to ensure that the companies involved with contributing to the festival are well taken care of. In doing so, other networking opportunities have opened for Osso.

“It’s pretty cool working with local companies. Seeing what’s out there opens your eyes,” he said. “It’s not just Italian companies, it’s companies all across the board. It’s neat to see how this brings all different ethnic groups in.”

An Oshawa native, Osso has tried to seize the opportunity to network when potential employers have scheduled visits to UofGH campus.

“I have to say Guelph-Humber does a great job of finding those opportunities. That’s been amazing,” he said. “I’ve had only good experiences with the fairs put on by Career & Placement Services and events like that.”

Osso’s field placement would have wrapped up in April, but he says he’s planning on staying on with the ICFF at least until the festival runs in June.

“I’m really looking forward to attending,” he said, noting the excitement around the opening gala. “It’s going to be a great experience.”

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