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Guelph-Humber Business Student Hits the Jackpot Winning Canada’s Luckiest Student Contest

What started out as a regular walk in the Humber Arboretum with her best friend, became an unforgettable day for fifth-year University of Guelph-Humber business student Cosob Mohamed.

Unbeknownst to her, more than 15 of her family members were waiting in the Arboretum to congratulate her for winning the national Canada’s Luckiest Student contest.

The contest which is in its 11th year, gives a student thousands of dollars to help with their studies. Mohamed won more than $68,000 in prizes including $20,000 from CIBC, $5,000 for groceries from Sobey’s, $5,000 for rent from H&R Block and a trip for two to Greece with Contiki.

Her parents, cousins, uncles, and siblings were amongst the group waiting for her to be surprised. 

Cosob was rendered speechless when she saw her family and learned she had won the substantial prize money.

“I thought I was just going for a walk and instead I’m getting $68,000,” Mohamed said barely getting the words out. “This is really overwhelming. I’m really grateful and surprised and I’m tearing up.”

She has participated in the contest for the past 5 years, every year she has been a student and she plans to use the $20,000 from CIBC to help pay off her student debt.

Long after learning the news  the shock had not worn off.

“It feels like it’s not really happening,” Mohamed said.

While she is undecided on what she wants to do after graduation, she knows she’d like to pursue management, marketing, or HR. 

In the future she hopes to study her MBA JD (Juris Doctor), a path she credits Guelph-Humber professor Charles Janthur with encouraging her to take.

“He always tells us ‘Get your education because nobody can take that away from you,” Mohamed explained, noting that he has inspired her immensely. 
Mohamed is the middle child of five and her mother Safia Mohamud said she is the daughter every mother would wish for.

“Cosob is a very good cook. She helps around the house without being asked, she is a good girl,” Mohamud said.

The hardest part of keeping the secret in the family Mohamud said was trying to tell Cosob what to wear as she didn’t know she was going to be on video.

“I tried to get her to dress up a little because she was going to be on camera,” Mohamud said.