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Mo Bros at UofGH

It’s officially Movember. And if you’ve walked the halls of UofGH recently, you’d already know that.

Our staff and faculty are taking part in the global movement, committed to “changing the face of men’s health.” Affectionately called “Mo Bros”, men are challenged to grow moustaches this month as part of the awareness campaign.

And so, to honour the cause and support their efforts, we present to you: The Evolution of a Movember ‘stache.

As you can see, we’re in the early stages.
But as the month progresses, the question marks will be replaced with new images.

Is it for a good cause? Yes.
Is it awkward? No question.

Check back soon.

About Movember

First man with slight moustacheSecond man with slight moustacheThird man with slight moustache

First man with thicker moustacheSecond man with thicker moustacheThird man with thicker moustache

First man with full moustacheSecond man with full moustacheThird man with full moustache