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Theo Selles: On Education

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Theo Selles. Faculty - Psychology, Family & Community Social Services, Justice Studies.

Going to university was the most amazing thing I’d ever had happen to me in my entire life.

Introduction to Psychology was my first class – and it’s now my favourite to teach. Because I love psychology; and because I recognize myself in a lot of my students.

I’d always been an inquisitive person, but I grew up being taught to be the opposite. I was taught not to ask questions. So to have been able to go somewhere where that was not only acknowledged but appreciated was amazing. I had great profs who inspired me, believed in me, and encouraged me.

Students are sometimes unsure of their capabilities, and so I love the idea of being their first encounter at university through Intro to Psych. Learning how to analyze information, how to come up with alternate explanations upon hearing about research findings, to challenge truisms - the very thing that I had been taught was a bad thing is what I would love for my students to have for themselves. 

University transformed my life. And it probably saved my life. So now, to be a professor – to be a part of that transformation for somebody else – it’s the best thing.


Theo Selles is a professor in the Psychology, Family & Community Social Services, and Justice Studies programs at UofGH, and has worked as a registered family therapist for 20 years. His most recent book, The Heart of the Pearl: How to completely heal from “sexual” abuse, offers a step-by-step program of recovery for people who have been abused.

He earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Child and Family Studies, and a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, both from the University of Guelph.


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