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UofGH Emerge Magazine wins international award

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Emerge Magazine, a publication created by University of Guelph-Humber Media Studies students, has won the coveted National Pacemaker Award for Outstanding Print Magazine.

The National Pacemaker Awards have been given annually since 1927 and are generally considered to be among the highest honours in the field of student journalism.  Administered by the Associated Collegiate Press in the U.S., the awards were created to recognize student achievement in the field.

Emerge features content that reflects the passion of its creators and strives to act as a platform of communication for a younger generation.  The digital and print initiative has won over 30 prizes.  This year, Emerge also won first and third place Pinnacle awards for Best Multimedia Campaign and Best Social Media Strategy respectively.

“Every year, Emerge is a new adventure. Students go into each term not knowing how to manage what this unique media course is going to throw at them, and each year something amazing comes out of the other end,” says Kimberley Noble, the professor who leads the Emerge project.

“The magazine and its related media products have had incredible success in international competitions in recent years, but hearing that we won a Pacemaker is a particular thrill. American recipients of this prize call it the Pulitzer of college and university journalism and media, so it's extremely satisfying to know that we are playing in those leagues.”

This year's publication is particularly special because it is the first to fully embrace and showcase work by the Image Arts students, who were singled out for praise by the ACP judges, and whose beautiful contributions to Emerge 2015 make it into a genuine work of collaborative media art.

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