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What happens when you live the textbook

Every spring, UofGH students live their textbooks.

“We literally take the classroom to the field,” says Program Head, Psychology, and course instructor, Dr. David Danto.

Those enrolled in the field study in psychology course travel to northern Ontario in order to gain a better understanding of the influences that have created disparities in mental health outcomes between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations.

“Students meet community members, Elders, they visit the probation and parole offices, they hear great stories of strength and resilience. They learn the value of considering the broader picture.”

And that’s just the beginning.

Watch what the field course means to our students.


Applications available in GH408.

Open to qualified students in all programs.

Deadline to apply is Friday, January 30, 2015.

For more information:

Dr. David Danto, Program Head, Psychology

Video courtesy of DD/AD Productions