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Malta & Wales: Unknown Europe

In this study abroad course, students will travel to Malta and Wales. Though relatively less known as travel destinations, these two locales are among the most magical and beautiful places in Europe. While in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea,  students will experience that country’s pre-historic architecture, picturesque coastlines and rocky vistas. Students will explore Malta’s capital, Valletta, a world heritage city where one can experience the confluence of ancient Roman, medieval Arabic, and modern British cultures.  In Wales, a country that is part of the United Kingdom,  students will visit the city of Snowdonia, explore medieval castles, and go on excursions to view the natural scenery. 

*0.5 General Elective Credit

Projected Dates: May 7 – 18 | Course Director: Matthew LaGrone, Assistant  Program Head, Electives

Physical Activity: Moderate