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Early Childhood Studies continues to evolve

Portrait of Dr. Nikki Martyn Program Head of Early Childhood Studies and Sully mascot for Early Childhood StudiesEarly Childhood Studies at UofGH is at the forefront of the field, evolving and changing to meet the needs of the students who will be entering a new world. Students develop a strong foundation in understanding the whole child, and are able to work with them in a variety of settings and professions. Our new name Early Childhood Studies, exemplifies the University’s commitment to the academic and professional development of our students.

To support this, the program has changed the focus of the field placement classes. Students now have the opportunity to complete a placement in the following unique settings: hospitals, schools, hospice care, autism treatment programs, prevention programs, child advocacy and Universities, among others.

Early Childhood Studies is also in the process of adding additional courses such as Children and Technology. Technology is with us to stay; we need to learn how to embrace it and understand how to use it to enhance children’s learning and health. This is an interesting and growing field and in Early Childhood Studies, we are on the cutting edge of exploring these key issues.

We also like to have fun.  Play exists within us. You cannot do anything with children from teaching, to therapy without play.

How do we have fun in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Guelph Humber?

Sully, our mascot, is one way we do. Meet Sully EC who signifies the core values of Early Childhood Studies professionals: caring, kind, and empathic. Sully joins the students on adventures, such as going to Denmark to explore nature kindergartens. Sully will travel to Prague this year to study infant mental health, and will join our degree completion study abroad to Denmark and Iceland to study happiness. To have a Sully means that you are part of a special group of individuals who care about children and families.

Early Childhood Studies is growing and developing, watch for more exciting changes to come.

Early Childhood Studies
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