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Faculty Parking

If you are an instructor wishing to purchase a parking pass and you are:

  • Hired through Humber College, you must visit the MyHumber webpage at: and log in using your Humber Central Login ID and password
  • Newly hired through the University of Guelph, you must first complete a Parking Profile Request Form, which you can get from your Faculty Support Officer, and submit the completed form back to the Faculty Support Officer in order to receive login instructions via e-mail

If you are a returning instructor hired through the University of Guelph, and you were provided with a login ID and password in a previous semester, you may use this to log in at, to pay for your parking pass. If you cannot remember your login information, please see your Faculty Support Officer.

A permit will be issued to you, upon visiting the Parking Information Kiosk in lot 7. The permit must be hung from the rear view mirror, facing forward.

The cost of a parking pass depends on your course load, for more information please contact your Faculty Support Officer.

Parking for part-time instructors is only valid in lot 4 through gated card-access, as specified on the parking permit. Permits are valid only for one (1) semester at a time.

Reciprocal Parking Agreement with the University of Guelph

Instructors with existing University of Guelph permits may use the permit to park in lot 4 and do not need to acquire a Humber parking pass. Please contact your Faculty Support Officer to have your access card activated for the gates.

For more information on parking, view the Instructor Handbook.


  • Permits are required for parking on campus Monday to Friday.      
  • If driving only occasionally, Pay-on-Exit lots 5, 6, 8, 10, & Garage are available at North Campus at a rate of $10.00 for longer than four (4) hours or $7.00 for two (2) to four (4) hours, and $4.00 for two (2) hours or less. There is no charge for parking on the weekend.
  • A part-time instructor is defined as one who is teaching in class 13 hours or less per week, including any hours spent teaching at Humber.
  • A map of the parking lots at North Campus and additional parking information can be found here.