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CSS Student Profile 2022-2

Community Social Services Profile

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Meet Nicolas P.

Current student, in final year of study

Nicolas came to UofGH as a transfer student with a diploma in social services.

“After [my studies] I want to pursue a career in politics and helping people on a larger scale. Given my background in social services I think I can help a lot of people across Ontario.”

Path to Guelph-Humber

Not everyone coming out of high school knows what they want to do. Nicolas spent a few years after high school exploring careers, trying different programs looking for the right fit. When he landed in a social services program at Humber, he found the field that suited him. "I like to help people, especially one on one," explains Nicolas. While at Humber, he heard great things about the UofGH Community Social Services program, so he decided to continue on to earn his honours degree at UofGH.

“I am the first person in my family to go to university. It was a proud moment for my family.”

@GH experience


Being able to get hands-on in class and practice counselling skills was a great benefit for Nicolas. Another favourite course was Social Work in Canada.

“I really enjoyed the course Social Work in Canada simply because of the professor I had. She really opened my eyes to different perspectives and made it fun to learn.”


Nicolas says that he loves the amount of experience the professors have in the field, but most of all he appreciates that they care about the students. Assistant Program Head Olivia Boukydis was a supportive figure for Nicolas when he needed to talk about difficult issues; she always had time for him no matter how busy her schedule.

“I want to say thank you to Assistant Program Head Olivia Boukydis for being a great person and caring professor. She has personally helped me so much during my time here. The professors here are just great.”

Student support

Nicolas took advantage of UofGH's student services including counselling, tutoring and academic advising (with the CSS Academic Advisor). As a transfer student, Nicolas' schedule wasn't as clear-cut as someone starting from high school, so a visit to his Academic Advisor quickly clarified his program plan and removed any concerns. And when he faced some personal challenges during the pandemic he turned to the personal counselling services on campus.

“It was great to know that the counsellors were there for me—very supportive and caring—to offer advice.”


What's ahead?

Nicolas' second passion is politics, so he'd like to combine both passions into a career. He's considering working for a politician or political party or getting involved in social policy. He's gained experience on social issues, listening skills and proposing solutions that can be applied in many positions.