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Network policies


  • Guide the deployment of wireless local area networking (WLAN) on the University of Guelph and the University of Guelph-Humber (GH) campuses to ensure reliable, compatible, and secure operation.
  • Protect the security of the University's information resources and electronic communications.
  • Arbitrate possible interference of other wireless devices with the campus wireless network.


This policy applies to all uses of WLAN technologies at all physical locations on the University campuses, both inside buildings and outdoor areas. Exceptions may only be granted by the Director of Computing & Communications Services (CCS). It does not apply to cellular wireless technology.

All University of Guelph policies and procedures apply to the use of the WLAN's.


In order to provide the best possible quality of wireless network service, ensure wired and wireless network security and integrity, the campus WLAN should be a centrally managed service and governed by the following set of policies.

CCS and GH will have sole responsibility for design, specification, installation, operation, maintenance, and management services for all access points. Any university, college or directorate wanting WLAN capability will contract with CCS for the installation.
Individuals and departments must not independently deploy access points. CCS will work with any University department wishing to install a wireless network in their area.

The use of the campus WLAN shall be subject to the University's Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for computing and networking facilities.

The campus WLAN operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 5GHz range. Other wireless devices use the same frequency bands and may disrupt the operation of the campus WLAN. If interference occurs, the campus WLAN will have priority. In cases of significant problems, users of other devices will be required to cease using those devices.

All access to the wireless network must be authenticated using a University of Guelph central login account and password.

Implementation of policy

The implementation and enforcement of the Campus WLAN policy will be guided by the following considerations.

Existing non-conforming access points may continue to be used until the University WLAN is available to the coverage area served by the legacy access point. At which time CCS will work with the owner to upgrade the service to conform to the policy.

In cases where interference occurs between a wireless device used for a specific teaching or research application and the WLAN, CCS will work with faculty to mitigate the interference and try to accommodate the device without disrupting the teaching or research activity, or the University's WLAN.

The Director of Computing and Communications Services is responsible for the enforcement of the campus WLAN policy.

Acceptable use policy - wired network

The University of Guelph-Humber shares the wired network with Humber and abides by all policies found within.

See information on the acceptable use policy