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ECS Student Profile 2022-2

Early Childhood Studies Profile

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Meet Cooper R.

Graduated 2022

“I have never been more excited and prepared for my future!”

Where is Cooper now?

Cooper began the next step in his career in fall 2022. He is currently studying at Nipissing University working towards a Bachelor of Education!

@GH experience

Classes and professors

Cooper describes his four years at UofGH as simply "fun". Every professor brought tons of energy to class which made lessons and lectures interesting and vibrant. He explains, "I remember doing Curriculum Development: a few profs would bring toys and they had us learn about curriculum by playing with the toys and taught us how to create activities with things like books or toy animals. It was really helpful when it came time to bring new activity ideas to my placements."


One of the reasons Cooper chose UofGH was because of the large amount of placement experience. As a hands-on type of person, he wanted a program that would put him in the field rather than reading textbooks and sitting in lectures.

“I was in a kindergarten placement for this past year... at the beginning of the year some of the students struggled to do simple math (like 2 + 2). By the end of the year, I was seeing them do addition with numbers up to 20 or 30! It was pretty awesome.”

Work on campus

Cooper worked in the Early Childhood Studies Resource Centre: a large room on the third floor packed with toys, games and activities that ECS students sign out to take to their placement sites. Cooper's responsibilities included managing content for the ECS social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) and planning student events, such as a virtual holiday event where students would participate in a night full of fun activities and conversation.

“My greatest memory is probably working in the Resource room. I got to know almost everyone in the program!”

He was also a Student Representative on the University of Guelph-Humber Curriculum Committee, which involves all programs at UofGH. A formal meeting takes place once a semester to discuss curriculum updates and/or changes within each program. The student’s role is to provide representation for their peers and as future educators. These representatives survey their classmates and share the results with the Committee. Students can nominate themselves to become a representative of their program.


“My time at the UofGH has truly prepared me for the future with all the necessary skills for becoming the best teacher I can be. I have gained so much knowledge about working in the field from the 800 hours of practicum experience I have had.”