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Justice and Public Safety Admission

Interested in studying at UofGH, but not sure how to get started?

Follow our 4-step admission process below!

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Justice & Public Safety Applicants:
4 Step Admission Process

This is a part-time, fully online program available only for professionals with related experience to earn a Bachelor of Applied Arts specialization in Justice & Public Safety. 

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Before Applying




After Applying


After Accepting

Get to know the University of Guelph-Humber


Use our Transfer Applicant Guide or webpages to get all the details you need. It’s about finding the right fit for you.

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Visit & Connect

Participate in a webinar and/or book a one-on-one appointment with Shannon, our Admissions Coordinator for the Justice & Public Safety Program.

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Admission requirements

If you have any postsecondary education then you are considered a transfer applicant (whether you have one completed course, multiple courses, a diploma or a degree).

Applicants must have the following requirements for admission:

Work experience

A minimum of three years of full-time work experience in a related field.

Some postsecondary education

A recognized college diploma in an academic field with a minimum 70% cumulative average or completed at least 10 university level courses with a minimum 70% cumulative average. Completed coursework from the following credentials can also be considered:

  • Certificate in Public Policy & Administration, University of Guelph
  • Public Administration & Governance Certificate , Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson)

Note: This program is designed for you to start with transfer credit towards your degree requirements. Your transfer credit will be assessed on an individual basis (see next section).

Are you a justice professional without a completed diploma for admission consideration? Humber’s Police Foundations – Pathway for Professionals diploma may be used for admission consideration to the University of Guelph-Humber’s Justice & Public Safety degree program.

English language requirements

If your first language is not English, or if you have completed less than four years of study in English at the secondary (or postsecondary) level, then you are required to submit proof of English proficiency. For full details, visit our English language requirements page.

You will receive an email with detailed instructions (after you apply) if you are required to demonstrate English proficiency as part of your application.

Please note: The University reserves the right to deny admission to you if you do not demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in English, regardless of academic qualifications.

Transfer credit assessment

Your transfer credit is assessed after you apply, but it's good to understand what transfer credit you could be eligible for before you apply.

An official Transfer Credit Assessment will be at the point of offer and will detail credit granted. All successful applicants are eligible to receive either 7.0 or 9.0 credits based on previous postsecondary education, work experience and professional training. See breakdown below.

Credit for previous postsecondary education

Successful applicants who have met the admission requirements (noted above) are eligible to receive 5.0 transfer credits for their postsecondary coursework, which is equivalent to one year of full-time study. You need to receive this transfer credit to be admitted to the program.

Credit for work experience

If you have three years of full-time work experience in a related field, you will receive 2.0 transfer credits. You need to receive this transfer credit to be admitted to the program.

Credit for specific professional training

If you have completed recruit/induction training at any of the facilities below, you may be eligible to receive 2.0 additional credits:*

  • Ontario Police College (or equivalent out-of-province training)
  • Military Police Depot
  • RCMP Depot
  • Corrections Canada Training Program at the RCMP Depot
  • Ontario Correctional Services College (or equivalent out-of-province training)
  • Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Officer Induction Training


If you have completed one of the trainings listed below, you may receive 2.0 additional credits:*

  • An Advanced Care Paramedic Certificate
  • Successful completion of a one-year Ontario public college Pre-Service Firefighter Program (or equivalent)
  • Certification at the National Fire Protection Association 1001 Firefighter and 1021 Fire Officer levels (or equivalent)
  • NFPA 1031 (Fire Inspector)
  • NFPA 1033 (Fire Investigator)
  • NFPA 1035 (Fire and Life Safety Educator, Public Information Officer)
  • Fire Services Executive Management Certificate from Humber

*If you have completed more than one of the accepted training options listed above, you cannot receive more than 2.0 credits for professional training towards your degree.

Applicants who receive transfer credit for training may complete the program in two years instead of two and a half. You can be admitted to the program without any transfer credit for previous training.

Meeting all admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

Apply online


All applications are done through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC)  . The OUAC also provides you with video tutorials   about how to apply, FAQs and other resources.

Select your program(s)

Find the Justice & Public Safety (BAA) program on the OUAC website. You can use the program code GMU to search for the program. University of Guelph-Humber programs are listed under the University of Guelph. Please do not confuse this program with our Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Justice Studies (which is a full-time on-campus program).

Deadline to apply: June 1, 2024

Applications open on the OUAC in September. You have until the deadline to apply.

There are two choices for your OUAC application:

  1. If you are applying to multiple universities then go to  to start the application process. The OUAC application fee is $156 for up to three program/university choices.
  2. If you are only applying to the University of Guelph-Humber and/or the University of Guelph, transfer applicants can apply for up to two programs (between the two institutions) for a reduced OUAC application fee of $90. Go to  *.

*Please note: Applicants using this method to apply must continue to use this link throughout the application and admission process.


If you apply to more than one program at the University of Guelph-Humber, you can expect to receive only one offer of admission from the University. The highest-ranked choice will be considered first. Only in the event that you are not admissible to your highest choice will your next choice be considered. If you want to reorder your UofGH program rankings, please amend your application through your OUAC account.

Image of ouac website

Application fees

You will pay an OUAC application fee of $156 for your first three program choices. Each additional program choice is $50. If you remove a program choice and add a new one at the same university, there is no additional fee. Additional costs include transcript processing fees and an assessment fee.

Submit transcripts and documents by June 15

All applicants: Please refer to the "After Applying" tab to get full details about submitting all documents.

Ontario applicants, please note: You can request Ontario college/university/high school transcripts online through the OUAC during the application process, however we strongly recommend that you wait until after your application is submitted and you receive an email from Admission Services regarding required documents to ensure you request the correct documents. A service fee does apply for transcript requests. You can request transcripts after you have completed the online application. For additional details, please refer to the OUAC transcript information  .

Check your email! And start using WebAdvisor

Shortly after you apply, you will receive an email from the University acknowledging your application.

You will receive another email with a user ID and password to WebAdvisor and Gryph Mail. 

  • It is important to use WebAdvisor  , our online student administration system, because it lists the documents the University needs submitted to consider you for admission. WebAdvisor will show you what documents are required and will indicate when those documents have been received.
  • Set up your Gryph Mail to receive official emails from the University regarding your application and documents. Instructions for how to set up your email can be found on our New Student Guide web pages.
  • Your application will be reviewed upon receipt of all official transcripts and supporting documents.

Submit transcripts by June 15

Official transcripts

A transcript is an official record of your academic performance at an educational institution. A transcript is considered official if it is produced by and bears the seal of the issuing institution. You must declare all educational institutions attended.

Check your WebAdvisor account to see what transcripts are required. You may be required to submit more than one transcript based on when you apply and your past postsecondary experience.

How to submit transcripts

The OUAC provides an electronic transcript service for applicants who have attended college or university in Ontario (some BC universities and colleges) and attended high school in Ontario, British Columbia or Quebec (CEGEPs). We strongly recommend you use the OUAC service. Check the OUAC transcript info page   for details. Fees   may apply.

The OUAC transcript service gives you options to select the transcript(s) you want sent. What you select depends on where you are in your college or university education. Everyone should check their WebAdvisor account to confirm when and what transcripts are required.

If you are unable to request transcripts from the OUAC, you must request the institution send the transcripts directly to Admission Services. If you are submitting transcripts or other official documents in a language other than English you must also submit notarized legal literal translations of these documents in English. 

Please note: If you applied using  , you must continue to use this link throughout the application and admission process.

Check on your documents

You can check to see if your documents have been received by using our student administration system, WebAdvisor  . Learn more using the links in the "Check your email" section above.

Please note: Documents submitted in support of an application become the property of the University and will not be returned.

Submit other required documents

You are encouraged to apply and submit all required documents as soon as possible. The deadline for all official required documents is June 15.

Check your WebAdvisor account to see what documents are required. A sample list and description of documents can be found below.

Once all documents are received, your application will be reviewed for admission. Applications and documents received after the deadline will be considered if space is available.

Education Declaration (may be required)

You will be notified on your WebAdvisor account if we require this form. You can access the Education Declaration through your WebAdvisor account  . It is a form provided by the University to document your academic history.

Proof of English proficiency (may be required)

If the University notified you that you must provide proof of English proficiency then please ensure you request your documents be sent to Admission Services. Test results must be less than two years old prior to your application.

IELTS and Duolingo results can be emailed to Admission Services for verification. All other test results can be sent to the University via the testing institution.

The University reserves the right to deny admission to you if you do not demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in English, regardless of academic qualifications.

Detailed course syllabi (may be required)

You will be notified if we require syllabi for transfer credit assessment purposes.

Professional cover letter and detailed resumé

These documents detail your professional experience in the field and your interest in the program. Only your cover letter and resumé can be emailed to Admission Services.

Letter of Employment (LOE)

To demonstrate that you have met the three years of related full-time work experience. The LOE should include: your full name; company/agency are/were employed with; specific job title(s); and duration of employment. The LOE should be written and emailed by an authorized individual from the respective company/agency in a business format to Admission Services ( with the authorized individual’s digital signature.

Professional training documentation (if applicable)

You may be required to provide documentation of specific professional training/certification.

Supplemental information (optional)

Any additional documents you wish to submit to support your application (outlining circumstances that may have impacted your academic performance) can be emailed to Admission Services.

Please note: Documents submitted in support of an application become the property of the University and will not be returned. Documents are protected under Ontario provincial privacy legislation.

Get an admission decision

Applicants to the Justice & Public Safety program can expect to receive an admission decision approximately three to six weeks following the submission of all required official documents.

If you are waiting for an admission decision, you can check WebAdvisor to see if your required documents have been received.

If you receive an offer of admission, the offer will be posted to your WebAdvisor and OUAC accounts and you will receive an email notification.

Accept your offer

To accept your offer, do so through your OUAC account by the deadline indicated in your offer.

Please note: If you applied using  , you must continue to use this link throughout the application and admission process.

About your offer

Every offer of admission is conditional. Please review your offer of admission and transfer credit along with the conditions of your offer. When you accept your offer, it is with the assumption that all conditions of that offer will be met by a deadline outlined in your offer.

You can accept your offer on your OUAC account up to the deadline indicated in your offer email. You will receive information on scholarships awarded (if applicable) and your transfer credit assessment will be sent separately by email, also.

Transfer Credit Assessment

Your Transfer Credit Assessment is an official document that outlines the credit you will receive from courses completed at other postsecondary institutions towards your credentials earned at the University of Guelph-Humber. Please review your assessment thoroughly.

When you accept your offer of admission, you also accept and agree to the transfer credit outlined in your official Transfer Credit Assessment. To help interpret your assessment, refer to the JPS program plan. An online copy of the program plan can be found on our Advising pages.


If you have been admitted to the Justice and Public Safety (online part-time) program at the University but are unable to begin your studies in the fall, you may request to defer your offer under extenuating circumstances. You must first accept your offer of admission. For further instructions, please read the "After Accepting" section.

Make a financial plan for your degree studies

We offer entrance scholarships to our Justice and Public Safety applicants, and have staff and resources available to help you manage the cost of tuition.

Continue to learn about the University of Guelph-Humber

The best way to learn more is to participate in one of our events or webinars.

You can also take a look through our website to learn about your Academic Advisor and Career and Placement Services.

Any questions? Call us at 416.798.1331 ext. 6056 or email

Events Calendar

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Fulfill the conditions of your offer

Your offer of admission and transfer credit are conditional. You can check your WebAdvisor   account to see what documents are outstanding to fulfill the conditions of your offer. You will have received an email from the University with your WebAdvisor user ID and password soon after you applied.

Read your Offer of Admission to be sure you understand what else may be required of you.

Check your email!

Our Admission Services staff may contact you via email to clarify or request information. Please check your email regularly. If you have not set up your Gryph Mail to receive official emails from the University, please do so now. Instructions for how to set up your email can be found on our New Student Guide web pages.

Our Student Services staff will reach out over the coming months to ensure you get in touch with your Academic Advisor, know how to register for courses as a transfer student and learn how to get involved at the University.

View our New Student Guide web pages

Use the New Student Guide to learn how to:

  • pay tuition
  • set up your student ID and more!
Go to Guide

To request a deferral

If you want to defer your offer of admission

You may request a deferral if you have accepted your offer of admission into a University of Guelph-Humber program but are unable to begin your studies in 2024. Deferral requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis for students with extenuating circumstances. A fee applies.

As an alternative, you may consider taking a reduced course load and enrolling in less than 2.00 credits (four courses). Before doing so, we recommend you contact:

To be considered for a deferral you must:

  • Accept your offer of admission by the deadline noted on your offer.
  • Meet all conditions outlined in your offer of admission by the deadline noted on your offer.
  • Request a deferral application by emailing by August 1.
  • Submit the deferral application, support letter and $90 fee by the deferral application deadline.
  • Not attend any other postsecondary institution during the deferral period.

Deferral application process

  1. You must submit your deferral application, support letter and $90 fee by August 9 for consideration.
  2. Applications are considered on a rolling basis for students who satisfy the conditions of their offer. Once we have considered your application, we will communicate the decision to you by email.
  3. If you submit a deferral application and later choose to withdraw that application to begin classes in 2024, please email Admission Services.
  4. If you are granted a deferral, you will receive a new Offer of Admission by the following February.

Attend the JPS orientation online

Attend this online session to learn how to register for courses and other important key steps to get started for class. You will be sent an email with the event information.